Integral Quality

A "Safety First" Mindset

Our Integral Quality process is composed by the following subprocesses:

  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment
  • Social Responsibility
  • Continuous Improvement

Its mission is to ensure the business permanence through the implementation and development of the Management System (EXIMS) in order to increase or improve the organizational competitiveness:
1. Reducing waste and variation in the processes;
2. Fulfilling the expectations of customers and other stakeholders;
3. Preventing losses in People, Production, Property, Planet and Profit;
4. Managing business processes in a way that generates value;
5. Improving continuously.

Orientation of our Integrated Management System

The intent of the EXIMS as Integrated Management System is to promote high standards of professionalism and performance across our operations worldwide.
The aim of the EXIMS as Operational Excellence Program is to create a world class quality and continuous improvement culture, through the standardization in processes, procedures, and policies.
Achieving the highest levels of customer service, employee safety and engagement, processes efficiency, and total profitability in the power generation industry.

Integral Quality Policy and EXIMS Certifications

Integral Quality Policy

SoEnergy International as a Global Energy Services Provider strives for excellence by meeting or exceeding our customers and stakeholders’ expectations, through:

  • Being dependable,
  • Standardizing processes that add value,
  • Providing the highest level of customer service and a safe workplace for our employees and
  • partners,
  • Improving the quality of life of people wherever we operate,
  • Complying the applicable legal requirements and regulations.

We are committed with continuous improvement, protection of the environment and waste reduction; led by all management levels, which lets us achieve sustainable results and get repeatable successes.

SoEnergy as an organization acts as a responsible global citizen.

Scope of IMS

Supply of solutions for power generation and transformation through engineering, procurement, construction, logistics, installation, commissioning, load bank tests, operation, and maintenance, in the modalities of sale or rent of power generation plants. Supply of parts and after-sales services for power generation plants.



ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 45001

Occupational Health & Safety

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System